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Lollipop Parade~
Recent Entries 
19th-Jul-2010 08:05 am - To Do List
Things on my to-do list:

  Santa Claus is Coming To Town (APH) original japanese ver.
  Dont Say Lazy (K-ON)
  GO!!GO!! maniac (K-ON)
  Utauyo! Miracle (K-ON)
  Lets Go!  (K-ON)
  Marukaite Chikyuu (APH) Italy ver.
  The Delicious Tomato Song (APH)  a rated-g ver. XD

  England's Fashion Show (APH original)
  My Immortal (APH AMV)

  Lovino Vargas (APH)
  Chii (Chobits)
  Reverie Metherlance (Elemental Gelade)
Im also planning on learning "The Delicious Tomato Song" and MKC for my violin, so i can maybe play them at AWA or maybe even nashicon in the future since i heard it was lots of fun ^ ^ but i have yet to find sheet music that is my skill level...and just melody
reverie, metherlance, gelade, elemental, ren
9th-Apr-2010 10:03 pm - So I Gave Up and Here's How It Goes

Yeah, so i have given up on the whole fanfic attempt.... TT.TT i feel loserish and hypocritical. whatever....

So im thinking of using this a a place for short doujin. Like i have some more ideas for random hetalia fan strips and a few Elemental Gelade pieces too.

Though i might stick some artwork here too while im at it...then again comic strips are artwork, no?

Anyway, im really excited about the new hetalia movie coming out this june >u< i cant wait!

and if ANYONE knows where i can get a nice piece of sheet music for Marukaite Chikyuu that i can play on my Violin i will be very happy~~
reverie, metherlance, gelade, elemental, ren
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