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Lollipop Parade~
So I Gave Up and Here's How It Goes 
9th-Apr-2010 10:03 pm

Yeah, so i have given up on the whole fanfic attempt.... TT.TT i feel loserish and hypocritical. whatever....

So im thinking of using this a a place for short doujin. Like i have some more ideas for random hetalia fan strips and a few Elemental Gelade pieces too.

Though i might stick some artwork here too while im at it...then again comic strips are artwork, no?

Anyway, im really excited about the new hetalia movie coming out this june >u< i cant wait!

and if ANYONE knows where i can get a nice piece of sheet music for Marukaite Chikyuu that i can play on my Violin i will be very happy~~
reverie, metherlance, gelade, elemental, ren
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